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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Volumes 1-3

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    Harvey Birdman was once a third-rate superhero. He's now a third-rate lawyer. There was a brief period as "bachelorette party entertainer," but we’ll ignore that. Birdman takes the hard cases, the unwinnable cases, the cases nobody else wants. Or maybe it’s just the animated cases. He works for prestigious law firm, Sebben and Sebben, and is constantly living in fear of getting fired. It’s unclear whether he ever completed—or even attended—law school, but he has a business suit now, that’s for sure.

Harvey is joined by his boss, Phil Ken Sebben, co-founder of Sebben & Sebben; his secretary, Avenger (who happens to be a large purple eagle); his 13-year-old paralegal, Peanut; Birdgirl, the costumed alter ego of Phil’s daughter, Judy Ken Sebben; purple, pompous colleague Peter Pottamus; stylish, suave and Spanish-accented Sebben & Sebben partner Blue Falcon; his most frequent courtroom adversary, Myron Reducto; and Judges Hiram Mightor and Mentok the Mind Taker, among others.

This box set includes 6 DVDs. 454 minutes total run time. Each volume is packaged in a textured slipcase that recalls a well-worn hornbook.

Price: $69.95

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Vol. 1-3 includes:

13 episodes from Season 1

Bannon Custody Battle
Harvey represents Dr. Quest in a parental custody battle with Race Bannon over Jonny and Hadji. Prosecuting attorney Vulturo appears to be winning the case-until Harvey, by happenstance, learns Dr. Zin created a robot that Race programmed to get the boys.

Very Personal Injury
Ex-Superfriend Apache Chief accidentally spills a latte on his lap and loses his super-ability to 'grow large at will.'With Harvey as his attorney, he sues Javalux. A scheming Reducto calls the beautiful coffee shop manager to the stand, who proves that Apache Chief is not injured and does, in fact, still have his teepee.

Shaggy Busted
Shaggy and Scooby are being held on possession. Harvey defends the two in an entirely circumstantial case brought against them by Spyro. Harvey is just about to win the case when Velma and Fred catch an old cotton farmer masquerading as a green monster to scare people away from his new, highly lucrative crop.

Death by Chocolate
The ATF surround Yogi and Boo Boo's cave and arrest the young bear, charging him with being the eco-terrorist Unabooboo, Harvey throws himself into the case, and into the loving arms of the cute little bear.

Shoyu Weenie
When Shoyu Weenie, a Japanese pop band, discovers that Jabberjaw and the Neptunes have stolen their hit single 'Mochi Mochi'and made it their own, they decide to take their case to a higher power. When he's not available, they settle on Harvey.

The Dabba Don
Fred Flintstone is a family man—possibly in more ways than one. Looking to expand beyond construction with a couple of small side businesses, Fred seeks legal advice from Harvey. The case is seemingly a simple matter until the feds start questioning the legitimacy of Fred's business dealings and his possible ties to the Mob.

Deadomutt, Part 1
A hot new lawyer, the Blue Falcon, joins Harvey's law firm. Everyone's excited to have, for the first time, an ex-superhero on the firm. But Harvey does nothing to hide his hatred for the annoying Dynomutt, who winds up jammed and mangled beyond recognition in a copy machine. Harvey is arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced to the electric chair. Will he fry? Tune in next week!

Deadomutt, Part 2
The exciting conclusion of 'The Case of Crooked Creek.'No, wait...'Deadomutt.'

X, the Exterminator
X the Eliminator is sitting at home, having mostly forgotten that he was paid a million bucks to kill Birdman in 1968, when he sees Harvey in an ad for his law practice. X launches right back on his quest and, now posing as 'X the Exterminator,'confronts Harvey. And is devastated to discover that Harvey just doesn't remember him.

After years of getting his powers from the sun, Harvey notices a suspicious spot on his skin. When the dermatologist insists he stay out of the sun and use sunblock, the now droopy Birdman turns to self-tanning creme for a pick me up. It isn't long before he's addicted to the stuff, using more and more just to stay awake.

The Devlin Made Me Do It
Washed-up motorcycle stuntman Ernie Devlin is sued when a kid injures himself trying to imitate his deep ravine jump. Harvey's legal strategy-to attack the fractured, wheelchair-bound child on the witness stand-backfires. Pill-addled Devlin is a less-than-sympathetic defendant, so Harvey must scramble to salvage the case. Meanwhile, Avenger seems to have laid an egg.

Trio's Company
Harvey joins a new health club and falls for his personal trainer, Gigi. But it seems everyone is reaching her target zone except for him. On the legal front, Harvey is representing Inch-High Private Eye, who believes he's been illegally fired because of his diminutive stature.

High Speed Buggy Chase
Speed Buggy is arrested for leading the cops on a high-speed chase. As Harvey prepares for the trial, longtime assistant Avenger resigns, landing a job with Harvey's rival Vulturo. Harvey searches for a replacement, downgrading from a legal eagle to a legal finch.

DVD Special Features

  • Live Action Open
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law Movie Trailer
  • Casting What If's: Stephen Colbert as Harvey; Todd Barry as Harvey
  • Pencil Test and Final Animation: Shaggy Busted
  • Tab Can Redux, with Lyrics
  • The Wind Beneath His Wings (Birdman Crew Pictures)
  • Deleted scenes from Deadomutt
  • Commentaries: Very Personal Injury; The Dabba Don; SPF; The Devlin Made Me Do It (Producers Commentary; S&P/Legal Commentary); Trio's Company

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Vol. 1-3
Price: $69.95

13 episodes from season 2

Back to the Present
The Jetsons enlist Harvey's help to sue us for screwing up the planet. Turns out there's a reason all the buildings in the Jetsons' world are on stilts: the ice caps melted and the earth is covered in water. Meanwhile, Phil is terrified—or is it excited—that the Jetsons are there to abduct and anally probe him.

Blackwatch Plaid
When Harvey's boss Phil Ken Sebben believes his office has been burgled, he installs a series of oppressive security measures at the firm. The email monitoring, cavity searches, color-coded crime alert system and security cameras aren't making the office any more safe, but Phil seems to enjoy them. Meanwhile, Harvey is under pressure to bring in a new client. He ends up representing Secret Squirrel, who is on trial for publicly displaying the equipment he keeps underneath his trench coat.

Grape Juiced
Scandal hits the Laff-a-Lympics when Grape Ape is accused of steroid use. He seeks Harvey's services to prove his innocence and win back his medal. Meanwhile, Phil can be seen doing a series of "favors" for the Laff-a-Lympics committee in an effort to win the games for their city.

Peanut Puberty
It's a very special Harvey when Peanut begins to "develop" his superpowers. It's a difficult time for a young superhero and Peanut turns to Harvey to help him understand the changes he's going through. Meanwhile, Auggie Doggie hires Harvey to save Doggie Daddy from being euthanized for having bit someone.

Gone Efficien . . . t
Phil gets on a cost cutting kick and hires an efficiency expert named "Dvd"(formerly "David," but he cut vowels from his life to save time). Harvey is forced to prove his worth or be sent packing. The pressure to find a case increases as Harvey's every move is timed and assigned a dollar value. Also, X the Eliminator returns in an effort to, well, kill Harvey.

Droopy Botox
Believe it or not, Harvey successfully defends a plastic surgeon of botching Botox injections on Droopy. The relieved doctor pays instantly and, in a fit of generosity, throws in a free coupon book of cosmetic surgeries. Harvey feels guilty that a scary, grinning Droopy suffers while Harvey and the firm enjoy the largesse. While Harvey wrestles with his guilt, the firm goes on an extreme makeover bender, getting 'enhanced'beyond recognition.

Guitar Control
When Quick Draw McGraw pulls out his trusty six-string in an attempt to put the El Kabong kibosh on the Dalton Gang, he gets hauled off to the hoosegow. So he turns to noted constitutional law expert Harvey Birdman to defend his right to keep and bear guitars. Meanwhile, Harvey’s boss, Phil Ken Sebben, takes $12 billion from the powerful guitar lobby to fund his presidential campaign. Not that that would make him beholden to them. And Peanut and Baba Looey get into trouble when they get their hands on Quick Draw’s private guitar arsenal.

Booty Noir
Reducto falls in love when he meets a derriere he just can’t shrink. Unfortunately, said derriere belongs to Norlisa, Black Vulcan’s girlfriend. She’s ready to dump her fella for the arms of a small, green man—but can Reducto reciprocate? In the mean time, Wally Gator’s arrested for, well, for being a redneck, and it’s up to Harvey to defend him.

Harvey’s Civvy
Murro the Maurader sues Harvey for injuries suffered in 1967. Murro’s lawyer, the psychically bombastic Shado the Brain Thief, not only litigates Murro’s case, but introduces a class action lawsuit as well. Harvey begs Potamus to take the case and the hippo litigates on Harvey’s behalf.

X Gets the Crest
After 30 years of failed attempts, X gets the crest on Birdman's helmet. Convinced he's powerless without his crest, Harvey falls apart, stops shaving and loses a case defending Ricochet Rabbit from charges of wanton and willful destruction. X, on the other hand, turns his life around. He starts fighting for the cause of all that is good, winds up in newspaper headlines and on afternoon talk shows. With X palling around with rock stars, Harvey running around in his skivvies plotting to destroy X and Ricochet on psychotropic drugs, things look pretty bleak. Is there any hope for our hero? Um, probably not.

Phil brings his daughter to work and around the same time, Birdgirl makes an appearance in Harvey's office. Desperate to be a part of the Birdteam-heck, desperate for there to even BE a Birdteam-Birdgirl sets out to prove her superhero and litigating and superhero litigating skills in the offices of Sebben and Sebben. She arrives just in time to help Harvey defend Morocco Mole on charges of being an enemy combatant. Oh, and Phil has the hots for Birdgirl, who may or may not be his daughter.

Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs
When the whirlpool in Potamus' office sucks them back into pre-history, Harvey, Potamus, Peanut and Phil must find their way back to the office. Or rather, Harvey must find his way back. Phil wants to stay to exploit the untouched natural resources, Potamus wants to stay to exploit his status as idol among the natives and Peanut wants to stay to exploit the market for hirsute cheesecake shots.

Evolutionary War
When Cavey Jr.'s school refuses to teach evolution, Captain Caveman turns to Harvey to defend the hairy little boy's right to an education. Harvey not only has to prove evolution but also explain the existence of a talking caveboy. As if that's not enough, Harvey also suffers his latest existential crisis at the hands of Reducto. A rousing song and dance number follows.

DVD Special Features

  • 9 episode-length audio commentaries with creators Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter and an array of guests from the show's cast and crew
    • "Blackwatch Plaid": Stephen Colbert
    • "Peanut Puberty": Thomas Allen
    • "Guitar Control": Maurice Lamarche
    • "Booty Noir": Stephen Colbert
    • "Harvey's Civvy": John Michael Higgins
    • "X Gets the Crest": Gary Cole, Peter MacNichols
    • "Birdgirl of Guantanamole": Paget Brewster
    • "Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs": Chris Edgerly
    • "Evolutionary War": Several of the animators
  • text screens that explore "superty"
  • 3 deleted scenes from "X Gets the Crest," presented in storyboard form
  • "Record of Records," a featurette that puts voice-recording video into an inset window on top of the final animation, showing how Brewster, Cole, Higgins and Thomas Allen record their lines,
  • "Behind the Scenes," which combines a look at the commentary sessions with crew interviews, in-office footage and a presentation by the creators
  • "CGI Clip," which explores one of the most complex scenes from the show
  • "Bluetube Moments," a featurette about the show's sound design
  • Photos of a fan in a Birdman costume .... stripping
  • "Mr. Passerby," a music video using clips from the show
  • 12 promos for the show

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Vol. 1-3
Price: $69.95

13 episodes from season 3

Turner Classic Birdman
Turner Classic Movies' Robert Osborne introduces a recently "discovered" episode of the "classic" "Birdman" series. In this very special Birdman, a pre-law-school Harvey encounters a number of his future courtroom adversaries who try to kill him. Oh, and a six-legged spider, which only manages to irritate entomologists everywhere.

Free Magilla
Peebles is sued when a group of animal rights activists break into his store, free all the animals and kidnap Magilla. In the meantime, Phil takes Potamus and his nephews on a fishing trip in hopes of either communing with or totally obliterating nature.

Return of Birdgirl
Birdgirl's back with a new case for Harvey; Race Bannon and Dr. Quest want to form a legal partnership. Unfortunately for Harvey, the case goes to the highest court in the land, the Justices League. In the meantime, Phil's set his sights on Birdgirl and he won't take no for an answer. How far will Birdgirl go to protect her secret identity? Really, what girl doesn't dream of getting a marriage proposal...from her father?

Sheer courtroom boredom drives Mentok to mindswap Spyro. Unfortunately, Mentok promptly loses Spyro's mind and is forced to drag him around until he finds the lost brain. Kitty-lovin' Harvey takes Top Cat and his crew into his home and somehow winds up in the pokey for running an illegal gambling establishment.

Identity Theft
While engaging in one of the more dangerous aspects of lawyering (photocopying) Harvey has a run-in with an old nemesis, The Deadly Duplicator. An unintentional slight sets the Duplicator off...to duplicate. And duplicate and duplicate.As a result, an army of Harveys faces off in court against an army of pretty much everyone else.

Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation
Welcome to Sebben and Sebben, new employee! In this eleven and a half minute romp through the halls of everyone's favorite fake animated law firm you'll learn what makes working here so special. And that's not even including our unique approach to sexual harassment training.

After centuries trapped in Phil’s vase, Shazzan pops out by the hand of Peanut. Or rather, Master Peanut, who proceeds to wish for everything that’s, uh, big. Shazzan, because ostensibly it’s a law show, forms a case against his imprisoner, Mufti the Mizwa of Muzzy Tah! All the while, Avenger—without warning—speaks, embracing a fresh vocabulary of insults and occasional slurs. When everyone discovers Mufti is Judge Mentok, who will solve the case? Will it be Harvey or more likely, the talking bird? Or even Peanut, who just wished for a law degree from Harvard?

Incredible Hippo
In a harrowing office accident involving a bagel, happy-go-lucky Peter Potamus consumes radioactive pellets which transform him into THE CREATURE! Or rather, he turns green and his waist-size triples in seconds, which, let’s face it, would send anyone over the edge. On the brighter side, his new flowing mane leaves him bearing a striking resemblance to Frank Stallone! Now, even the slightest stress, such as rending an impossible-to-open mustard pak (sic), can cause the Creature to appear and terrorize the office! Will any escape the bestial hipposity? Meanwhile, Reducto freaks out, strips naked and despoils his house with a mixture of duck feces and potting soil. In other words, business as usual.

Two heroes will fall and one, in Speedos, will rise out of a hot tub filled with cash. Actually, another hero will rise too, in a Baby Bjorn, deftly worn by Reducto. And then fall. Too many falls and rises to keep track of!

Harvey decides to temporarily run the law firm, which leads to a full scale revolt (naturally). Armed with standard office supplies like staplers, manila envelopes and an occasional hand grenade, Sebben & Sebben employees form a massive uprising. Can they be stopped? Meanwhile, X, distraught over being ignored by Harvey, kidnaps Birdgirl to capture his attention. And his dinner plans.

How can I become more evil? A common question. And X searches for answers in the Perfectionist’s 14 step program on putting a little more evil in his life. Seize the day? Never! Seize the Crest! But will he be able to succeed this time? In under 12 minutes, this Birdman packs in motivational tips, a life affirming origin story and a benefit jump, courtesy of Devlin.

Harvey Birdman, Juror in Court
Harvey suffers a mental breakdown in court, leading to the loss of a juror. At the same time, he’s summoned to serve as a juror. On the same trial. But problem solved when Duplicator creates a 2nd Harvey to perform his civic duty . . . . Can two Harveys win over a jury, when it’s relatively clear that just one Harvey who tries really, really hard barely makes any substantial impact whatsoever?

Death of Harvey Birdman
Harvey once and for all proves what kind of lawyer he is when he is forced to retry all 37 of his past cases, tying the entire series up and putting a nice bow on it. Until we realize that there is one former client left out there—Nitron—who has been released and is wrecking havoc on the city. Will Harvey be able to save the day—or does he die, as the title so clearly suggests? Will the Incredible Hippo return to help the Birdteam? And X, does he finally obtain the crest? Final answers will be revealed in this special double episode. Oh, and a certain bus makes a mysterious reappearance . . . .

DVD Special Features

  • "Joke Timeline," showing every appearance of 14 of the show's running jokes
  • "Birdman Characters," a quick montage of the main players
  • Three clips from the recording studio
  • Origin comic for X the Eliminator
  • 8 deleted scenes
  • 2 sets of scene animatics

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Vol. 1-3
Price: $69.95

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