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Bar & Grill Singers 3 CD Set

    The Bar & Grill Singers, all of whom are practicing attorneys in Austin, Texas, have entertained lawyers and non-lawyers since their 1991 debut in a one-performance musical revue. Now appearing year-round across the nation, the Singers spoof themselves and their profession with clever lyrics set to a variety of musical styles. They needle everything and everyone involved in the law, including clients, billing practices, legal ethics, bored jurors, and (gasp!) federal judges. The Singers write all of their own material, and arrange many of the songs.

Once you've heard the Bar & Grill Singers, you'll understand why they say that "Justice is blind . . . not tone-deafTM!"

This 3 CD set set includes Licensed to Grill, A Time to Grill and Grilling Me Softly—40 songs in all!

Price: $39.95

Licensed to Grill includes:

Jury Jive

Make Up Your Mind

Mr. Foreman

Reversed and Rendered

Go on and Lie

Appointed Forever

Custom Tailored Suit

To Litigate



The Longest Time

Frivolous Suit

Three Wise Judges


Bar & Grill Singers 3 CD Set
Price: $39.95

A Time to Grill includes:

Appointed Forever

It's in His Briefs

Man of Constant Workload

Mighty Law Firm in the Sky

Bill Me Anytime

Defending P.I. ("Personal Injury")

Jet Plane

Maybe Tomorrow

Judicial Retirees

The Longest Time

Ethics Trouble

Star Spangled Banner

Bar & Grill Singers 3 CD Set
Price: $39.95

Grilling Me Softly includes:

Court TV

The Jury Sleeps Upright

I'm Billing Time

That Witness Lied

Contingent Fee

Puff For My Class Action

Three Certifications

Mandatory Pro Bono

Up On the Bench

The Language of Law

Hourly Billing

Mediation Chorus

Kiss It Goodbye

Bar and Grill

Bar & Grill Singers 3 CD Set
Price: $39.95

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